Where To Shop In Naples: 15 Artisans To Discover On Your Next Trip

Naples has a long legacy in tailoring and producing legendary accessories.

Naples is a stirring city with marvelous churches and architecture, irresistible cuisine and a hospitable culture. Life here is lived by the sea, in the shadows of Vesuvius, and around the table at the city’s countless pizzerias. There are so many moments I love about this volcanic city, but what I admire most is the Neapolitan commitment to tradition, art, and craftsmanship. Which is why I’m so happy to share the best places to shop in Naples.

Though Milan and Florence are considered the fashion capitals of Italy, Naples is also a center of excellence — one with a long legacy in tailoring and producing legendary accessories. It was the Bourbon dynasty, which ruled Naples from 1734 to 1861, which encouraged local artisanal production and ushered in a period of enlightenment for the city. Today, historic workshops still exist alongside contemporary boutiques that sell hand-stitched handbags, printed silk accessories, ceramic tiles and more.

Discover where to shop in Naples and meet our favorite artisans in the city.

1. Sartoria Nomade

Flora Sazio and Mirta Robiony, two stylists who first met on a photoshoot, have turned their passion for travel and slow fashion into a breezy artisanal label with timeless designs. Inspired by the colors found in Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Sartoria Nomade embraces that Mediterranean flair and freedom with floral prints, silky textures, and pieces that embrace Italian effortlessness and elegance that make you feel good anytime and anywhere.

Sartoria Nomade: Piazza dei Martiri 30

2. Casa Cometa

Casa Cometa is an imaginative workshop dreamed up by Terry Di Renzo ten years ago. Her creations are the perfect Neapolitan keepsakes, from decorative ceramic plates and neon San Gennaro shaped candles to vibrant ex-votos (a favorite of mine). Ex-votos are traditionally heart-shaped plaques that are hung or carried as devotional objects in southern households to give thanks for granted wishes, prayers, and intentions, tracing back to the 11th century. Terry’s studio is located in the colorful Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarter) and features neon lights and electrifying interiors — juxtaposing the well-worn streets of the neighborhood.

Casa Cometa: Vico della Tofa 55, by appointment

3. Omega

Did you know Neapolitan guantai (glove-makers) are considered some of the best in the world? The history of this trade begins in one of the most characteristic neighborhoods, Rione Sanità, around the same time Gennaro Squillace founded Omega, the oldest glove factory in the city. Five generations later, Omega’s gloves are still made with the finest lambskin and detailing at the base of Vesuvius. Come explore this magical shop and find your perfect glove before it is sold off to some of the world’s most prestigious Haute Couture fashion houses.

Omega: Via Stella 12

4. In Casa By Payboy

Passionate, entrepreneurial and resilient are just a few words to describe Paboy Bojang, a craftsman, designer and asylum-seeker from the Gambia (now residing in Naples). Adept with needlework, a skill he picked up in his uncle’s tailor shop at age 13, he founded a small social enterprise called In Casa by Paboy that handsews pillows and homewares during the pandemic. His cushions are stand out with their victorian ruffled trim and vibrant color blocks, taking inspiration from the colors in his home country, and all items are sewn in the studio by Paboy himself and his team employed of talented migrant employees.

5. Tramontano

A leather goods workshop dating back to 1865, Tramontano is a brand in continuous evolution — exemplifying the creativity and craftsmanship of Naples. The brand has over 600 models in its archive and everything is made in-house, from woven handbags and silk clutches to belts, accessories and luggage. Blending innovation with tradition, and aesthetics and functionality, is at the heart of the brand. Tramontano’s artisans can also work with you to create your dream bag by selecting your favorite color, metal detailing and type of leather.

Tramontano: Via Chiaia 143

6. Bruno Acampora

Bruno Acampora is a family-run, haute couture perfumery made famous for capturing the scent of Capri in a bottle. Created 40 years ago, the brand is now run by Bruno’s son Brunello and his wife Sonia who meticulously select and mix raw essences from around the globe to create their unique scents. Each perfume is produced using undiluted pure oil through a traditional cold extraction technique, and the seductive Musc fragrance is a top seller.

Acampora Profumi: Via Gaetano Filangieri 72

7. Pasquale ‘o Nummararo

Pasquale De Stefano is his name, but if you ask around, the locals refer to him simply as ‘o nummararo or “the numbers man” in Neapolitan. For over 65 years, Pasquale has hand-painted thousands of wooden signs used to advertise fruit and vegetable prices at the market stalls. Instantly recognizable for their bold red font and yellow and blue colors, these iconic signs are visible in shops and markets throughout the city, from Forcella to Mercato Pignasecca. If Pasquale isn’t out making delivers, you can find him painting in his tiny studio on Vico Finale near the Mercato di Sant’Antonio Abbate. If you’re lucky, he may even make a special sign for you, too.

8. E. Marinella

Step inside E. Marinella and you’ll be enveloped by century-old excellence in tailoring in this “little corner of England” located along the chic Riva di Chiaia. Famous for producing some of the most covetable silk ties in the world, E. Marinella’s designs have been worn by countless celebrities, politicians and dapper gentlemen over the years. Although E. Marinella is celebrated for its menswear (including cashmere sweaters, patterned swimming trunks and leather goods) it has features a few accessories for women, including silk scarves and the famed Neapolitan “corna” good luck charm.

E. Marinella: Riviera di Chiaia 287

9. Francesco Tramontano Gioielli

Born into a family of artists and artisans, Francesco Tramontano is a young Neapolitan craftsman whose environment influenced his early devotion to tradition, art, and beauty. Francesco opened the doors to his jewelry workshop and store in 2008. Working with materials like brass and silver, the jewelry is heavily influenced by both Neapolitan & Mediterranean symbols, like the sun, the sea, and of course, Mount Vesuvius.

Francesco Tramontano Gioielli: Via Vittorio Imbriani 44b

10. Pasquale Canè

Raised in a family of shoe makers, it was only natural that Pasquale Canè would dedicate himself to crafting the region’s most famous design: the Capri sandal. Located in the Quartieri Spagnoli, Pasquale (now 85 years old) continues to produce handmade shoes with the same dedication he had as a young boy. Each pair of sandals is made with quality leather and decorative accents sourced from local shops in Naples.

Pasquale Canè Calzature: Via Nardones 97

11. Anouk Studio

Anna Monaco is the artist and creative behind Anouk Studio, a collection of fine-art prints inspired by the myths and legends of her native Naples. Never afraid to play with color, her art is bright and cheerful, embodying the spirit of the coastline and the Neapolitan people themselves. Anna also collaborates with local institutions like Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano and Concettina ai Tre Santi pizzeria.

12. Antica Manifattura Ceramica F.lli Stingo

One of the best kept secrets in the city is Ceramica F. Stingo, a family-run ceramics factory that has had its doors open since the early 18th century. Initially concentrated on terracotta tiles and vases, the production has expanded to include home objects, decorations, and furnishing accessories led by Imma and Simona Stingothey, sisters who continue to preserve the heritage of their family craft. Stingo’s vibrant tiles are a favorite that make you feel like you’re on a never-ending southern holiday.

Antica Manifattura Ceramica F.lli Stingo: Via Brecce Sant’Erasmo 11

13. Bottega Ferrigno

The Neapolitan presepe, or nativity scenes, have remained unchanged for centuries and are an essential part of the city’s Christmas traditions. Located along the famous Via San Gregorio Armeno, Ferrigno has been carving, assembling and painting miniature sculptures since 1836. The trio of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus is the centerpiece of any nativity scene, but in Naples, these elaborate landscapes feature colorful locals like fishmongers, pizza chefs and Benino, the sleeping shepard. Ferrigno’s selection also includes contemporary characters including soccer stars, politicians and Papa Francesco.

Ferrigno: Via San Gregorio Armeno 8

14. Kiphy Saponi

Founded in 2000, Kiphy Saponi revisits the ancient art of soapmaking using modern techniques. Kiphy, which is the name of an ancient perfume from Egypt, was created by Pian and Gennaro who produce soaps using a cold method to preserve the properties of the natural ingredients. The soaps uses 100% biodegradable oils, like olive oil and coconut oil, along with spices and flowers including cinnamon, ginger, and fennel.

Kiphy Saponi: Vico San Domenico Maggiore 3

15. Mario Talarico

One thing is certain — life is unpredictable. In Naples, sometimes so is the weather. Luckily, the city counts Mario Talarico as one of its residents. A local legend and artisan behind Talarico Ombrelli, an old-fashioned umbrella shop, Mario and his family have been making umbrellas for five generations, since he himself was only 12 years old. This whimsical shop feels like stepping back in time and is one of the last artisanal umbrella shops in all of Italy. Each umbrella is a true work of art and makes a unique gift for yourself, or a friend.

Ombrelli Talarico: Via Toledo 329

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