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Plan the perfect trip with an Italy expert

A respected journalist and destination expert, The Italy Edit’s founder Livia Hengel has spent the past decade traveling far and wide to bring you the best travel intel, restaurant recommendations, hotel reviews and local experiences Italy has to offer. She is passionate about helping travelers navigate the “infinity of Italy”: whether this is your first or fifth trip to Italy, Livia can help you plan a perfect itinerary and make sure you don’t miss anything special on your trip.

What is it: a 30-minute travel planning session via voice or video call to discuss your itinerary, source inspiration and answer any logistical questions you may have. Each session includes a follow-up email with more specifics and details, including a personalized Google map and contact information for preferred guides. Please note that this service does not include booking hotel stays or making reservations.

The fee: $180 payable via Paypal

Fill out the form below to book a time to chat – or gift a trip planning session to a friend! We’ll send you a questionnaire to understand your travel style and will coordinate time zones and availability.

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Livia is based in Rome on CET time - she'll follow up to coordinate with you.

Kind feedback from happy travelers

“My wife and I never use travel agents except on a few occasions when traveling via business conventions. Since we are going to Italy on our own we decided to dive into the research ourselves but found it overwhelming.  By just pure luck and searching on Instagram we found Livia.  She is communicative, gracious, and extraordinarily knowledgeable. She took the time to find out exactly what we wanted to do on our trip to Naples and Sorrento. She made it happen with a thorough and easy-to-follow list & agenda that included hotels, restaurants, and our own personal twist.  We can’t recommend her enough. Grazie Livia.”

Victor & Meredith

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and for putting your time and thought into organizing this wonderful list of suggestions for my trip. It’s made me even more excited for my month in Tuscany.”


“I found Livia through Instagram as my wife and I adore all things Italy and try to travel there every year. I have to say it is so refreshing in these challenging times to meet someone so kind (first and foremost) but also a wealth of travel knowledge and valuable information. Her smile & optimism and enthusiasm shines through with every interaction.”


“If you are traveling to Italy…look no further!! We found Livia on Instagram and knew immediately that she was the right fit for helping us plan our trip. Her IG stories highlighted so many beautiful places and it made the process of selecting where we wanted to travel to so effortless. We scheduled a zoom call with her to map out our weeks in the different regions. Livia followed up with the most detailed travel email we’ve ever seen!! It was full of links, specific recommendations, an interactive map with pins/links/photos/etc. We had some extra questions after our zoom meeting and she was so responsive and generous with her time. Livia is a true wealth of Italian knowledge. We owe the success of our trip to her. Grazie mille!”

Madeline & Allyssa

“I reached out to Livia because it was my first time in Italy and I wanted to visit six cities. She made sure I spent the right amount of time in each place and shared off-the-beaten path tips on what to see and do in each city. I loved the little wine bars I would have missed on my own. I can honestly say Livia made the trip easy and made it feel like I could relax and enjoy the vacation.”


“I really hope that we can do a trip to the south next – fingers crossed it will be next year. I will certainly be reaching out to you again for help planning that trip!”