18 Places To Shop For Unique Souvenirs In Rome

These artisanal gifts will ensure your memories of Rome last a lifetime.

The Eternal City is bursting with artisanal treasures and thoughtful keepsakes handmade with love and flair by artisans and creatives alike. Discover where to shop our favorite souvenirs in Rome! From perfumes and jewels inspired by the city’s Baroque piazzas to stylish fashion accessories, minimalist kitchenware, and fabulous home decor.

Antica Manifattura Cappelli

A woman wearing a woven hat with a golden sash and a white T-shirt leaning on a table

Rome’s oldest hat workshop dates back to 1936 when a Tuscan family opened this shop in the capital. A former client, Patrizia Fabri became the latest owner in 2003 and has expanded the business into new realms, supplying hats for cinema and theater productions, and runway shows. Madonna and Lady Gaga are among their prestigious clients. Patrizia’s hats are worked by hand using traditional weaving methods and are entirely unique creations. From cloches and berets to bowler hats and fedoras (for both men and women), this shop has you covered.

Antica Manifattura Cappelli: Via degli Scipioni 46


A white mug with the dictionary definition of the word "daje," placed on top of books

Known for its unique selection of art books and sleek gadgets, Booktique is a colorful, vibrant shop snuggled in Campo Marzio. At Booktique, you can find fun design items like mugs and tote bags with Roman phrases, or you can peruse through photography and lifestyle volumes that will look great on your coffee table.

Booktique: Via della Stelletta 17

Chez Dede

Interior of Chez Dede store with three large paintings on the wall, with eclectic furniture and colorful items

A gorgeous concept store run by a husband-and-wife duo with impeccable taste, Chez Dédé is stocked with refined homewares, curious design items, and high-quality accessories by premier brands such as Astier de Villatte, Cire Trudon, and Men’s Heritage. The brand’s signature bags, “Le Grand Sac,” are prominently featured throughout the store in a variety of prints and have seen international success as a unisex sporty-but-chic shopper.

Chez Dédé: Via di Monserrato 35

Co.Ro. Jewels

Two hands clasping each other, wearing gold and silver rings against a white background

Female entrepreneurs and friends Costanza and Giulia, the duo behind Co.Ro. Jewels, find inspiration right outside their window. They create jewelry inspired by the architecture and beauty of Rome and throughout Italy, carefully designed and handcrafted in the city’s historic center. Their architectural concepts, taken from the Colosseum, the Pantheon, or Roman aqueducts, to name a few, are transformed into earrings or a ring. Letting you keep Rome close to your heart.

Co.Ro. Jewels: Via della Scrofa 52

Essenzialmente Laura

Perfume bottles and vases full of flowers atop of a desk against a tapestry designed with a collage of artworks of women

Essenzialmente Laura is a sensational perfumery renowned for its Italian excellency and one-of-a-kind sensory experiences for over 30 years. Coronari 57 is a perfume worth noting as Laura captures one of the most evocative streets of Rome inside a bottle. Dominant notes include opopanax, vanilla, and violet — easily classified as intense, yet rare and elegant. 

Essenzialmente Laura: Via dei Coronari 57 and Via di Campo Marzio 35

Estremi Roma

Interior of a studio full of tables covered with rolls of fabric, cabinets, chairs and pillows strewn throughout

Filled with shabby chic, internationally-inspired furnishings, Estremi Roma is home to many distinctive treasures that will delight vintage lovers and world travelers. Here you can find items sourced from India; everything from wooden chests to metal framed mirrors, eclectic patterned wallpaper, and block print fabrics. You can also find home accessories, including bohemian patterned bedspreads and sumptuous velvet pillowcases.

Estremi Roma: Via di S. Francesco a Ripa 150 and Via del Boschetto 2a

Jenni Oh

A silver moka pot next to three ceramic white and blue espresso cups against a white background

A Filipino-Chinese-Australian based in Italy, Jenni Oh creates whimsical designs that beautifully blend European and Eastern influences. From glazed espresso cups and miniature donut vases to pastel-colored teapots, all objects are lovingly made in Rome and designed to “sing in the spaces they occupy.”

La Bottega del Marmoraro

Enrico Fiorentini, an older man with a mustache, standing in front of his shop full of custom signs and plaques

In the depths of the intimate store tucked away on the beautiful Via Margutta, you’ll find Roman-born and bred, Enrico Fiorentini who has been able to attract creative hearts from all over the world. Fiorentini hand engraves and customizes each piece with time and knowledge, from marble signs to plaques and fixtures with Italian sayings and modern-day slang. 

La Bottega del Marmarmo: Via Margutta 53B

Flake’s Design & Arredo

A hand holding up a white plate with blue cursive writing on the rim that says in Italian, "no one cooks like grandma"

Located in the heart of vibrant Trastevere, Flake’s is full of Italian pottery, furniture, and decor. Founder & owner Chiara envisioned being able to give others access to handmade pieces that bring the Italian lifestyle from Rome to your home. Our favorite picks are her vintage ceramic plates with the most beloved Roman phrases.

Flake’s Design & Arredo: Via della Scala 45


A ceramic vase full of flowers with a white and gray ceramic coffee mug, next to thin pieces of bread atop a wooden board

Lela, a charming home and garden store that fuses Scandinavian minimalism with rustic French charm, stocks a wide variety of objects for cooking or decoration. This includes crockery, linens, and cute miscellaneous trinkets. The tones are largely monochromatic and neutral, in shades of white and grey with natural touches. And each functional piece can double as an attractive accent in your home.

Lela: Via dei Pettinari 37


Colorful display of two pairs of sunglasses atop yellow pedestals next to glass of wine balancing a cigar

For over 80 years, Mondelliani has attested that eyewear is one of the most fabulous accessories that reflects our inner character. The shop houses a stock of frames, from sunglasses to reading eyewear, that is unorthodox in terms of style, color, and geometric shape. They are designed in-house and bought by international vendors. 

Mondelliani: Via del Pellegrino and Via dei Prefetti 11

Polvere di Tempo

Dark interior of the shop Polvere di Tempo full of knick-knacks, globes and other items.

Born from a passion for artisanship and the creation of ancient time gauges, Polvere di Tempo is a mystical shop that feels like taking a much-needed step back in time. Adrian Rodriguez, a modern-day alchemist, handcrafts golden compasses, ornately chiseled astrolabes, and lustrous sundials on display beside antique globes and wooden hourglasses.

Polvere di Tempo: Via del Moro 59


Three baby onesies with phrases like B for Burrata and G for Gelato, on hangers

Pezzi, “Pieces of Rome”, is a new clothing brand inspired by children, with snuggly onesies for babies and graphic T-shirts for kids and adults. The designs are all hand-drawn by local illustrators and feature Roman icons, including umbrella pine trees, aqueducts, gelato, prosciutto, and more.


Cylindrical black leather handbag with long strap against a white background

When venturing to add a new bag of the season, Retropose is the first place to stop. All bags are handmade in Rome by owner and designer, Federica. These fun bags are recognizable due to their unique shapes, lines, and industrial curves. Each handbag is a beautifully modern statement piece full of dimension, personality, and life — like the Eternal City itself.

Retropose: Via del Pellegrino 60

Roscioli Wine Club

A woman with a pink apron, holding a wooden box full of wine bottles that says ROSCIOLI

Roscioli is a household name in Rome, one which commands a deep reverence from locals and travelers alike, thanks to its quality gastronomic experiences. Here, you can enjoy a taste of Roscioli at home through the Roscioli Wine Club which ships labels from small, organic producers in Italy straight to your door. Each order includes videos of the winemakers and tasting notes–and shipping is free to the US and EU!

Take €25 off your first box with code CINCIN.

​​Stay Store

Interior of the store Stay, with a tall cabinet with folded linen and pillows

Nothing beats the quality and feel of Italian linens. Stay is a one-stop shop to decorate a home from head to toe as the owners, Alessandra and Ruben, have been in the textile industry for three generations. Aside from the unmatched texture and durability we are obsessed with the tonal color palate featuring pomegranate, eggplant, and stone grey shades. 

Stay Store: Via dei Falegnami 63-64

Studio Forme

Shelves full of glass vases with the profiles of Renaissance women against a red background

Studio Forme, founded in 1973, is an inventive glass and ceramic workshop. Part restoration studio, Studio Forme unites skilled artisans and artists under the same roof. Each item, from sculptures and vases to the dishes and candelabras, is contemporary and imaginative, while also paying a nod to tradition. We especially love the glass vases featuring profiles of Renaissance women and the ceramic pitchers with ornamental handles — original statement pieces that are at once classic but fresh.

Studio Forme: Via Santa Cecilia 30/B

Vio’s Shop

A private rooftop with a table full of white and green plates, wine glasses and vases full of pink tulips with a view of Rome

Marchesa Violante Guerrieri Gonzaga is a skilled chef who hosts gourmands, celebrities, and VIPs on her private rooftop for private dinners and events. Notably, she is also the artist and painter behind Vio’s Shop. A boutique with an extensive collection of table decor featuring charming motifs for every occasion and season.

Vio’s Shop: Via degli Orsini 25

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