Where To Eat & Drink In Rome

When in Rome, eat and drink as the Romans do.

The first thing most people ask me when they’re planning a trip to Rome is: where should I eat? What’s your favorite trattoria? Where can I get the best gelato? Coffee? Cocktails? After years of copy/pasting my recommendations for friends and family over and over again, I realized it would make things a lot easier to put all my tips in one place. So here you have it, my complete guide to all the most delicious places to eat, drink and hang out in the Eternal City.

The Best Trattorias in Rome

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The Best Creative Restaurants in Rome

The Best Street Food in Rome

The Best Gourmet Restaurants in Rome

The Best Pizza in Rome

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The Best Gelato in Rome

The Best Healthy Food in Rome

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The Best International Cuisine in Rome

Hang Zhou: Chinese

Mezcaleria Callejon: Mexican

Reserva: South American

Krishna 13: Indian

Pho 1: Vietnamese

Kisaki: Japanese

Taverna del Mossob: Ethiopian

Temakhino: Sushi

Galbi: Korean

The Best Coffee in Rome

The Best Wine Bars in Rome

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The Best Cocktails in Rome

The Best Craft Beer in Rome

The Best Rooftops in Rome

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