Where To Eat & Drink In Rome

When in Rome, eat and drink as the Romans do.

The first thing most people ask me when they’re planning a trip to Rome is: where should I eat? What’s your favorite trattoria? Where can I get the best gelato? Coffee? Cocktails? After years of copy/pasting my recommendations for friends and family over and over I realized it would make things a lot easier to put all my tips in one place. So here you have it: my complete guide to all the most delicious places to eat, drink and hang out in the Eternal City.

The Best Trattorias In Rome

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The Best Creative Restaurants In Rome

The Best Street Food In Rome

The Best Gourmet Restaurants In Rome

The Best Pizza In Rome

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The Best Gelato In Rome

The Best Healthy Food In Rome

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The Best International Cuisine In Rome

Hang Zhou: Chinese

Mezcaleria Callejon: Mexican

Reserva: South American

Krishna 13: Indian

Pho 1: Vietnamese

Kisaki: Japanese

Taverna del Mossob: Ethiopian

Temakhino: Sushi

Galbi: Korean

The Best Coffee In Rome

The Best Wine Bars In Rome

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The Best Cocktails In Rome

The Best Craft Beer In Rome

The Best Rooftops In Rome

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