Top 10 Italian Natural Skincare Brands

These clean skincare brands will elevate your beauty routine.

From north to south, Italy is a country that has been blessed with natural resources. As a result, having a ton of home-grown Italian natural skincare brands makes sense. These clean skincare brands aren’t just great for your skin’s health. They’re also kind to the planet by using sustainable packaging and natural ingredients. If you want to incorporate a little bit of extra joy, positivity, and a sense of calm into your overall wellbeing, take a look at the 10 best Made In Italy natural skincare brands to uplift your wellness and beauty routine.

1. WA:IT Botanicamente

WA:IT is a great example of a skincare routine becoming a true wellbeing journey. A symbiosis of two cultures — Japanese and Italian — this boutique brand promotes a mindful clean beauty culture. Its five-phase beauty routine includes breath, preparation, purification, hydration, and glow. The first phase, breath, incorporates a special aromatherapy perfume HITO which features Sicilian Citruses, Yuzu, Elemi, and Fig. The routine then incorporates a scrub, cleansing balm, moisturizing balm, and finally a multi-purpose oil.

All the products have soul-soothing fragrances revealing one’s true inner beauty on the outside. The products feature essential oils rooted in traditional Japanese medicine. These include yuzu seed oil, tsubaki seed oil, as well as perilla seed oil. As part of its dedication to sustainability, WA:IT is a carbon-negative, vegan, and cruelty-free brand.

2. Deephine

A flatlay with four Deephine yellow skincare tubes.

Produced in Milan, Deephine is a sustainable skincare line that contains pure natural ingredients for a minimal, yet effective, ritual. 95% of its ingredients are natural or from organic farming. The brand’s signature “Beauty Sequence” is easy to do daily, and comes packaged with four products and a face cloth.

The first step — a Precious Creamy Cleanser with a unique formula — is one of the brand’s hero products. It features active ingredients such as aloe, blackcurrant, and bamboo water. After cleansing, apply the fresh brightening toner which has tea plants, bamboo, and luminaria. Next comes an enhanced antioxidant hyaluronic acid serum containing turmeric and cacao tree extract. Finally, finish with an anti-aging face cream formulated with organic aloe vera and other antioxidant and anti-pollution active ingredients.

3. Milanesi Skincare

Milanesi Skincare is a research-backed clean beauty brand based in Milan. Their products are formulated to protect the skin from modern-day aggressors such as stress, climate change, UV, as well as urban pollution. The high-performing anti-pollution formulas are made with organic, natural raw materials certified by the AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Farming). The brand’s product lines are inspired by the city’s historic neighborhoods. They include Navigli, Brera, Montenapoleone, and CityLife to reflect the different souls of Milan. Each product line contains a signature ingredient that makes each line unique and connects it to the Milanese soil.

Coffee, known for its purifying and decongestant properties, is featured in the Navigli line and is roasted right in the heart of the neighborhood itself. In the Brera line, saffron — rich in antioxidants and minerals — is grown in a small field on the outskirts of Milan. One of Milanesi’s latest launches is a luxury facial oil that comes in a solid form. Set in a ceramic container the product functions like a candle! When you light it up the oil begins to melt and is ready for application. It contains Pearl Powder, Sweet Almond Oil, and Shea Butter, which leaves the skin smooth and luminous.

4. Bonbori

A model holding one of Bonbori's facial products, resting on her knee.

Inspired by Japanese beauty traditions, Bonbori is another Made In Italy brand that offers a gentle yet effective skincare routine. Bonbori’s three core beauty principles are double cleansing, double moisturizing, and UV protection. Did you know double cleansing was first introduced by a geisha hundreds of years ago? Their products have fresh, lightweight textures formulated with natural ingredients such as Green Tea, Lotus Flower, Soy, Rice, and Sesame.

One of Bonbori’s hero products is an innovative Taki Moist Lotion: a two-in-one serum and toner. Enriched with organic Wild Rose, Hamamelis, Japanese Juzu, and Gingko Biloba, it gives a refreshing boost after the cleansing ritual. It kickstarts hydration and gives the skin a bright and healthy glow. Another favorite product is Tsuyadama Cream Moist. This fresh, brightening fluid contains precious ingredients such as soy isoflavones, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. It’s a perfect day moisturizer as it absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

5. Team Dr Joseph

Founded in 1986 in South Tyrol by Dr. Joseph Franz, this family-owned brand has been pioneering natural skincare for over 40 years. Dr. Franz discovered a passion for the world of plants at a young age which led him to develop the world’s first Hightech Natural Cosmetics®.

An organically-certified brand, Team Dr Joseph is a great example of the successful symbiosis of nature and innovation. The brand uses the finest raw materials as active ingredients. This includes wild collections, plants from organic cultivation, as well as those refined by biotechnology. All products are 100% vegan and meet the highest European criteria (COSMOS standard) certified.

What’s more, you can do a skin analysis and receive a skin consultation on the brand’s website to select the products that are right for you. One of Dr Joseph’s bestsellers is a Hyaluronic Repair Booster Serum. A regenerating cream serum, it contains hibiscus, allantoin, rose hip, and hyaluronic acid, ideal for the intensive care of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, the silky formula leaves skin plumped, smooth, and velvet-soft.

6. Galde

Galde‘s founder, Elena, suffered from persistent acne for 14 years, an experience that inspired her to create a skincare brand to alleviate this concern. Combining scientific research with a broader holistic vision, she eventually created a skincare line that was effective yet natural. Galdé builds on the idea that all elements in the universe (and therefore our bodies) are interconnected. Thus, the brand advocates for healing skin at the source. Skin health is skincare, underscoring a holistic approach to beauty.

The Galdé skincare routine — The Barrier Balancing Kit — was developed with a dermatologist to address our skin’s daily needs in 3 simple steps: hydration, protection, and nourishment. It harnesses the power of probiotics to help restore and maintain the skin’s natural balance. Galde’s hero product is the Barrier Balance Active Serum. It’s a true probiotic booster containing only 3 active ingredients at a very high concentration. This powerful, targeted elixir feeds healthy bacteria, balances the skin’s pH, and protects against free radical damage.

7. Dorée

A collection of Doree skincare products, white and gold, over a plate on a pink tabletop.

Dorée is an Italian brand that puts ethics and sustainability first with products that are almost 100% natural. Its key ingredient is honey which is sustainably extracted in Doree’s bee garden. The brand founders are seasoned beekeepers who avidly appreciate the role that bees play in maintaining and preserving the Earth’s biodiversity. Since honey provides enormous health benefits, they wanted to create a natural skincare line with honey’s amazing properties.

A soothing emollient with antiseptic properties and a non-greasy texture, honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. Thus, making it suitable for any skin type. Dorée’s current hero product is the Honeycombo Dream Duo. This 2-step night treatment includes a night serum and a night cream. A treatment that deeply hydrates the skin and prevents dryness and dullness. Thanks to their active ingredients, the products brighten and freshen the face. Not to mention, ensuring a relaxed and rested look the next morning.

8. Amarey

Founded by the 4th generation of the Illy family, Amarey is an innovative skincare brand with a key ingredient at heart: coffee. Amarey are the pioneers in the circular economy of coffee looking to elevate it as the new superfood for wellness. Their proprietary Coffea Arabica extracts activate and support the skin’s natural cell regeneration. 

The signature Regenerative Coffee Ritual is a coffee-based skin trilogy made with coffee extracts. It contains a Nourishing Cleanse face detergent, an Antioxidant Lift face serum, and an Essential Hydration face cream. The routine is designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production while nourishing the skin barrier — leaving it hydrated, plump, and energized. 

Amarey skincare is the result of a collaboration with the University of Coffee. A partnership that has enabled them to delve deeper into the potential of coffee for skincare, uncovering its rich antioxidant content, revitalizing properties, and youth-enhancing effects.

9. Terme di Saturnia

A photo of Saturnia's facial elixir in a glass bottle with a dropper nearby.

The Ancient Romans enjoyed bathing in Italy’s thermal springs centuries ago due to their health benefits. Today, you can enjoy these healing properties in your skincare. Terme di Saturnia, located in southern Tuscany, is legendary for the presence of Bio-Plancton in its spring water — available now in a cosmetic line. The Bio-Plancton is harvested when it rises spontaneously to the surface. A gentle hyper-fermentation process turns it into a purified extract rich in antioxidant, smoothing, and regenerative properties.

The line’s hero product, Saturnia Bioplancton® Elixir, is an elixir with a high dosage of amino acids, sulphur, potassium, and magnesium. These antioxidants counteract the activity of free radicals in skin tissue and leave it hydrated and nourished.

10. Lakshmi

Lakshmi Sunveda products in bright orange packaging.

Lakshmi was born out of a deep passion for Far Eastern holistic cultures, and Ayurveda in particular. Its cosmetic range combines the wisdom of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Aromatherapy with the latest know-how in the cosmetic field. This creates effective skincare for every Dosha type (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). Lakshmi skincare is AIAB certified and uses natural ingredients obtained from plants cultivated with organic, biodynamic, and wild farming. These include phytoextracts, floral waters from aromatic plants, skin-friendly plant-based emulsifiers, cold-pressed vegetable oils, and 100% pure essential oils.

The brand’s special line CityDetox – Detoxifying Ritual has been designed to combat the negative effects of modern city pollution. From oxidative stress to relieving spots and redness. The ritual includes four products, each with a specific function: deep cleansing, moisturizing and refreshing, increasing skin turgor, and finally, protection against environmental damage.

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