6 Italian Lingerie Brands We’re Loving Right Now

La dolce vita is all about indulging in the little things, and Italian lingerie is just that.

If there’s one thing the Italians have mastered, it’s lingerie. Well, and vino.. and food, too. A nation filled with romance, la dolce vita is all about indulging in the little things and Italian lingerie is just that.

Just like their quality beauty products, it’s all about feeling good from the inside out. This season, the line between outerwear and underwear is blurred. With intricate details and lacey textiles, we’re seeing silk slips hit the streets and bralettes taking over blouses. While style is guaranteed, comfort is key and you’ll feel as if your lingerie were tailored to you.

The final element to your Italian wardrobe. There’s a story behind each artisanal piece, from small family-run boutiques to established luxury labels. If you’re in the mood to elevate your lingerie, we’ve rounded our favorite Italian lingerie brands you’ll wish you found sooner.

1. Cosabella

Starting off strong, Cosabella. Italian for “beautiful thing”, this local label is renowned for its luxurious, ready-to-wear pieces designed to last.

Founded in 1983 by power couple, Valeria and Ugo Campello, the duo launched the brand to focus on quality, classic Italian craftsmanship, and unexpected details, and we think they’ve nailed it.

This little luxury label goes beyond creating timeless pieces, the shopping experience is focused on empowering you. You filter by size or body type, staying true to their philosophy of inclusivity and diversity — a big yes from us.

OUR TOP PICK: Sanika Balconette Bra

2. Chitè


Next up, Chitè. A certified B Corporation we’re proud to get around, this luxury lingerie brand focuses on sustainable materials and timeless techniques to create their made-to-measure pieces.

Born from the desire to craft pieces for real women, Chitè was founded in Milan by Chiara Marconi and Federica Tiranti to revolutionize the way we wear underwear. Each piece can be tailored to fit your measurements and embroidered to suit your style. If they couldn’t get any better, the label collaborates with independent Italian artisans which you can meet on their website.

Utilizing their techniques passed down by generations, you’ll find a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that don’t cost the earth. From organic cotton bralettes and satin slip dresses to tulle briefs, we’ll take one of everything.

OUR TOP PICK: Boho Bralette

3. La Perla

©La Perla

Made by women, for women. We couldn’t have an Italian underwear brand list without La Perla. Born in 1954, founder Ada Masott set out to master traditional Italian corsetry in the city of silk, Bologna.

Since then, the luxury label has fused its craftsmanship with the evolving modern-day trends. They’re pretty much the blueprint for the “Made in Italy” empire. The definition of an investment piece, La Perla’s designs are the kind of luxury you’ll wear for years. We can’t get enough of their silk slip dresses and floor-length robes. La Perla crafts a killer swimsuit, too.

OUR TOP PICK: Bodysuit with embroidered tulle


The IT girl of lingerie brands, NNIDE is taking over our social feeds, one limited-edition bodysuit at a time. Launched in 2020, the masterminds behind NNIDE unite Scandinavian minimalism with traditional Italian craftsmanship and we’re here for it.

Entering a well-established market was no easy feat, the Milan-based luxury lingerie studio focuses on developing interesting pieces with carefully selected fine fabrics. From embroidered tulle to silk, each unique piece is crafted by hand to your exact measurements. Designed for the woman who celebrates herself, you’ll feel the confidence to feel bold in the bedroom and empowered in your every day, too. Take our word for it.


5. Intimissimi


You’ve likely heard of Intimissimi, a luxury lingerie label worn by just about every celeb, and for good reason. Offering ready-to-wear quality lingerie at an affordable price, we call them the Victoria’s Secret of Italy. Luckily, the Italians decided to share and after nearly 20 years in the bra business, the label went global.

If you’re on the hunt for matching sets or trending basics, look no further. You’re spoilt for choice of color and the quality is unmatched. Intimissimi covers everything from sexy accessories like garter belts and barely-there bodysuits to cozy sleepwear and comfortable robes. Thank us later.

OUR TOP PICK: Silk Kimono

6. shh

While cotton undies aren’t typically what you imagine lingerie to be, shh is no ordinary label. The brainchild of pals Elena and Sara, the explosive duo transformed the traditional brief into playful pieces you’ll feel great in.

Fun and flirty with a retro feel, you’ll find a collection of cotton knickers embroidered with cheeky Italian phrases — “Kiss Me, I’m Italian” — is a clear winner for us. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, custom embroidery is on the cards, too. We know, they’re awesome. Based in Milan, the brand has introduced a bunch of natural fabrics while staying true to its ethos, “Made in Italy with Amore”.

OUR TOP PICK: Shh Knickers Black Venice

How To Look After Your Lingerie

Quality materials deserve quality care. Treat your delicates to regular upkeep and they’ll last you for seasons to come.

We suggest hand washing your pieces in cold water with a mild detergent, letting them soak, and laying them flat to dry. Tumble dryers are not your friend and avoid fabric conditioners at all costs. To ensure your lingerie lasts, you should never pop them in a hot wash. For day-to-day, give your bra its space, and don’t squish them in your drawer.

HOT TIP: Give them a break. Allow your bras to breathe between wears by having a few in rotation.

While we’ve wrapped up our highlights, the list of Italian luxury lingerie brands goes on. With each label defining its character, the unified movement to feel empowered in your undies is worth getting around.

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