How To Dress Like An Italian Woman: Winter Edition

Make a statement with these warm, stylish pieces and accessories.

The days may be short and the temperatures cool, but there is something enchanting about winter in Italy. It may be the smaller crowds when we are left with a more local side to the country. The winter season also brings vacations and festivals, like la settimana bianca (ski season) and Carnevale in Venice. We wait patiently for months to dig into hearty dishes like carciofi and polenta. And the cooler months also bring Italian winter fashion through textured layers, quality leather accessories, and bold statement pieces. 

Keep warm and fill your closets with colorful wrap coats, hand-made leather gloves, soft corduroys, and cozy turtlenecks. Italian women don’t let the chillier months stop them from being stylish and making a statement with these go-to pieces. Here are our must-haves for the winter season.

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Statement Coat

From north to south, a warm winter coat is a non-negotiable for any Italian woman, but it doesn’t need to be boring! Leave the basic black puffer at home and opt for a more fashion-forward one. Wrap coats are the perfect way to add some color above all those layers and bring light into the dimmer winter months. Rome-based brand Lost In Me offers tailor-made wool coats like this emerald-green belted design with funky fringe. For one-of-a-kind up-cycled styles, check out our Elleremodelista.

Lacy Boots 

While loafers add a bit of professionalism to an outfit and knee-high boots add sensuality, you can’t go wrong with a classic black lace-up boot. We love these boots because they are comfortable enough to explore a city all day, and sleek enough to wear to dinner or your favorite wine bar. This pair of suede lace-up combat boots are perfect for the season, or you can go for smooth black leather which is always classic.

Leather Gloves 


A pair of chic leather gloves elevates any outfit, from morning to night. Not to mention your fingers will be nice and toasty! The city of Naples is famous for its long glove-making tradition, and Omega is our go-to for personal accessories and gifts. Now in its 5th generation, the brand is the oldest factory in the city. The family still produces customizable pairs made from lambskin at the base of Vesuvius for some of the most renowned Haute Couture fashion houses. You can order online but if you’re in Naples, we recommend stopping at the factory for an unforgettable visit. 

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Cozy Turtlenecks 

Scarves and scoop sweaters are an ideal pair but why not swap two for one and try a turtleneck? Chic, simple, and timeless, turtlenecks are a staple layering piece and we love the diverse styles, from roll down to cowl neck. Scaglione is a three-generation high-quality knitwear brand in Turin that produces high-neck sweaters in cashmere, wool, and alpaca. The Seamless Puffed Dahlia is made from a recycled cashmere blend that is light and fluffy. While you’re at it, we suggest checking out their irresistible beanies and checked scarves.

Colorful Crossbody


In Italy, our summer bags are wicker and woven, while fall is great for a larger-than-life tote that flings perfectly over your leather jacket. But what about in winter? A well-crafted crossbody is perfect in size and slides nicely over all those layers. Based in Florence, Iacobella designs boho hand-stitched suede bags that are unique and leather lined. Their signature creation, the “Nirmala” bucket bag, comes in colors like forest green or mustard yellow embellished with a crystal or stone, from amethyst to rose quartz.

Corduroy, Corduroy, Corduroy 

Vintage denim and oversized trousers are an integral part of Italian winter fashion, but so are corduroys. This cord pant is a fun way to play around with fabric and styles while still maintaining a sleek silhouette. Rose&Lini is a Milan-based brand dedicated to creating trousers that are feminine yet modern and essential, like this pair in a to-die-for slate-gray color.

Chunky Jewelry 

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Italian women abide by a few rules. They never leave their house without their shades or a few pieces of jewelry. Accessories tie your whole look together and can be elegant, playful, or both. Go for chunky statement pieces like gold braided hoops, link bracelets, and bold gemstone rings. Check out some of our favorite Italian jewelry brands.

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