How To Dress Like An Italian Woman: Spring Edition

Spring fashion is full of pastel colors, silky ensembles and playful layering.

As we say goodbye to Italian winter, we welcome the warm springtime air with open arms. The scenery is vibrant, the wisteria is in bloom and gelato season is in full swing. March, April, and May may be some of our favorite months, making it a great time to explore beach-side towns and country landscapes, and of course, we can only do so with our best outfits. Spring fashion is full of pastel colors, silky ensembles, and playful layering. 

Fit the season’s mood and swap out thick fabrics and tailored pieces for slouchy jeans, silky skirts, colorful clutches, and velvety shoes. Here are our seven must-haves that fill any Italian women’s closet this time of year.

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Pretty Pastels 

Vibrant florals and color blocks may be trending, but if you prefer a more calming effect, pastel hues are an excellent choice. Choose from light blue, pale yellow, lilac lavender, and mint green. Pastels are the perfect way to add a bit of color and match the Italian spring blooms. Alysi, a brand with stores in Milan and Rome, masters this contemporary elegance for the cosmopolitan woman with an effortless shirt and trouser set.

Silky Silhouettes

As days grow longer and brighter, post-work evenings and weekend affairs are perfect opportunities for visiting our favorite wine bars or sipping endless spritzes. Embrace a silky silhouette for these occasions: this fabric is luxe and elegant, while easy to dress down for more casual looks. Silk also drapes nicely on all silhouettes. Camisoles and blouses may first come to mind, but why not step outside the box with a midi skirt featuring a peek-a-boo slit by Archivio, a small brand with an atelier in Puglia.

A Chic Clutch

In the winter, we love wearing a colorful crossbody to carry around our winter accessories, and in summer, we opt for larger-than-life wicker baskets and totes in summer. But what about the in-between season? In the spring, we love a chic clutch. It’s a low-maintenance accessory, multifunctional and not to mention, fun to carry. Peruse through limited edition, hand-made clutches at Blanc Ferrari Borse, a Neapolitan handbag brand using upcycled fabrics to create portable velvet and linen masterpieces.

The Timeless Trench Coat 

Trench coats are everyday outerwear essentials, from khaki and camel to infinite shades of green. I love this practical, timeless piece because it adds an effortless, off-duty look to any ensemble. You can also play around with fits and flares: from oversized and belted to slouchy and double-breasted styles.

Designed in Rome and crafted in Naples, Giuliva Heritage produces timeless outerwear for women inspired by men’s cuts. I am loving this season’s oversized trench in rainproof with leather buckles and a matching belt. Because of the jacket’s lightweight nature, it’s the perfect transition piece from summer fashion to fall, too. 

Velvet Slippers

Friulane, Venetian velvet slippers, are a spring-time must for anyone seeking to replicate the elevated effortlessness of the Italian woman. These colorful shoes are lightweight, versatile, and sustainable. Friulane were first created by women of Friuli in the 19th century by recycling extra fabric scraps. Today, they’re comfortable, stylish footwear that can be paired with anything from breezy skirts and matching pajama sets to worn-in denim. Shop for friulane at Vibi Venezia, a label founded by two Venetian sisters, which honors Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Light Cardigans 

This season, pack away your chunky cable knits and swap them for light and fitted cardigans. Cardigans are an Italian spring staple when the sun is shining but there is still a lingering chill in the air. They’re perfect for slipping over a white T-shirt or a dress. Opt for neutrals or simple patterns like stripes and zig-zags for a timeless look. This lightweight Firenze Cardigan Sail by Ciao Lucia is made from the finest alpaca wool. I love the slightly cropped fit and chunky buttons.

Wide Leg Denim 

Inspirational street-style fashion is everywhere in Italy — from Milan down to Palermo. This year, wide-leg denim is inevitably part of this signature look. Darker-washed skinny jeans and distressed denim are ideal for colder months, but baggier denim brings freshness and nonchalance to match this season’s energy. I love these high wasted palazzo pants in bleached floral jacquard denim by Momoni. Style them with classic Superga sneakers during the day, or elevate them with a pair of heels for an evening aperitivo.

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