Fine Dining In Rome: The Best Gourmet Restaurants

Delight your senses with a memorable meal in Rome.

Rome is beloved for its legendary trattorias serving hearty bowls of carbonara and cacio e pepe, but Italy’s penchant for food extends beyond its cucina casareccia (home-y cuisine). The Eternal City is also a city full of talented chefs experimenting with techniques and recipes that draw out the richest flavors from Italy’s plethora of seasonal ingredients. If you’re looking for a meal to celebrate a special occasion, look no further. Our favorite gourmet restaurants in Rome, which include Michelin-starred establishments, minimalist eateries and elegant rooftops, are sure to satisfy all of your senses.


Colombian Chef Roy Caceres was born to oversee some of the city’s most exciting addresses. After closing his first Michelin-starred Metamorfosi in 2020 and launching Carnal, a pop bistrot that serves flavors from Latin America, he’s making his mark — quite literally — on Rome’s fine dining scene once again. Orma, which translates to “footprint”, is a flawlessly-executed dining concept located steps from the upscale street of Via Veneto. Every detail has been meticulously studied, from the minimalist but warm wooden decor and made-to-order ceramic accents by Pots Rome to, of course, a menu focused on quality ingredients and surprising flavors. Caceres fuses Mediterranean ingredients with Latin American flair in dishes like mushroom, peanuts and miso; endive, plantain and truffle; . The restaurant also serves more casual fare for lunch and aperitivo at Orma Bistro on the rooftop terrace.


With its sleek and sophisticated ambiance, complemented by dim lighting and dark wood-paneled walls, All’Oro, a Michelin-starred restaurant, provides the ideal backdrop for Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto to showcase his culinary expertise. Renowned for his avant-garde approach to cooking and talent in crafting immersive dining experiences, Chef Di Giacinto introduces whimsical elements such as a table mirror and a children’s carousel to infuse a touch of magic into his flavor-packed dishes. For a delightful surprise, indulge in the “All’erbiv’Oro,” a vegan tasting menu that exemplifies his innovative flair. Among the city’s most intriguing desserts are the banana wontons, accompanied by caramelized popcorn and coconut cream.

Carter Oblio

Rome’s Prati district has seen some of the city’s best new openings in the past year and Carter Oblio is one address you won’t want to miss. An ambitious restaurant that juxtaposes minimalist, Scandinavian décor and inspired dishes, Carter Oblio offers an unforgettable gourmet experience at an unbeatable price. Chef Ciro Alberto Cucciniello has a talent for mixing and matching ingredients, and applying new techniques, that allow him to draw out a nuanced array of flavors from seemingly ordinary dishes. A carrot concoction, featuring pureed carrots cooked with malt orzo, carrot confit and melted caramel, is honestly one of the best dishes I’ve tasted — ever. You’ll want to order a tasting with drinks pairings, which feature craft beers and unfiltered wines from artisanal producers, for the full experience.

Enoteca La Torre

Located inside Villa Laetita, an elegant turn-of-the-century residence in the Prati neighborhood, Enoteca La Torre is arguably Rome’s most beautiful restaurant. The dining room features ceiling-to-floor art deco windows that illuminate intricate stuccos and each dish is as delicious as it is aesthetically-pleasing. Helmed by Domenico Stile, Rome’s youngest Michelin-starred chef, the restaurant fuses flavors from his native Campania with touches of umami, bitter vegetables or fruit for creative combinations. Try sole fish with artichokes, apple and Cynar liquor or “saltimbocca” veal with chicory, licorice and Chablis.

Per Me Giulio Terrinoni

Nestled on a pretty, ivy-ladden street between Via Giulia and Via dei Banchi Vecchi, Per Me is a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers curated yet relaxed dining. The restaurant focuses on sustainably-sourced, seasonal ingredients local producers with a spotlight on fresh seafood — look out for dishes like cuttlefish tagliatelle, sea bream carpaccio and scorpion fish. Dishes are satisfyingly hearty, modern and inventive. Terrinoni also accommodates and plant-based eaters with vegetarian tasting menu as well (five dishes €140 plus five wine pairings €75). On a warm day, opt for a table outside to enjoy the ambiance of Rome’s loveliest neighborhood.


Considered Rome’s most consummate host, Alessandro Pipero is a household name among the city’s elite who flock to the elegant restaurant for a taste of its storied carbonara. The restaurant has been celebrated for years – it was awarded a Michelin star in 2012 – but it keeps reinventing itself. After relocating to Corso Vittorio Emanuele and welcoming a new chef, Pipero proves that classics only get better with time. Chef Circo Scamardella revisits traditional recipes and turns them into enticing dishes like vanilla ravioli with scallops or bavette noodles with cod and miso. Save room for dessert: the crêpes suzette flambéed tableside are delicious.

San Baylon

Located within Palazzo Ripetta, a 17th-century convent turned luxury hotel, San Baylon is a cozy, gastronomic hideaway just steps from the bustling Piazza del Popolo. The restaurant serves refined comfort food like Pugliese orecchiette with bitter greens, cheese-and-bread balls stewed in a savory tomato sauce, and glazed beef with a burnt cauliflower and potato emulsion. With its wood paneled interior and walls full of framed prints, the restaurant’s ambiance is perfect for work lunches and autumn dinners replete with chestnuts and truffles. But like Rome itself, San Baylon has many facets. It also serves a popular Sunday brunch with a lavish buffet of sweet and savory foods, and its outdoor terrace is the perfect place to linger over sparkling wine and seasonal salads in the summer months.

RHINOCEROS Le Restau & RoofBar

©Palazzo Rhinosceros

One of Rome’s most experimental spaces, Alda Fendi’s Palazzo Rhinosceros hosts many identities within its ancient walls: a contemporary art gallery, a boutique hotel and Le Restau & RoofBar. With a privileged view over the ancient Palatine Hill and Renaissance domes, enjoying a meal here is a feast for the eyes — and stomach. Michelin-starred chef Giuseppe Di Iorio advises on the seasonal menu which features reinvented Roman classics alongside innovative recipes. Seemingly simple pasta and chickpeas are elevated with blue crab and pork, while pork ribs are glazed with a tamarind sauce and served alongside pumpkin and Roman broccoli. The outdoor terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktails while admiring the eternal beauty of Rome.

Osteria Fernanda

Osteria Fernanda is a restaurant ahead of the game, thanks to the keen intuition and foresight of its talented team and chef Davide Del Duca’s cuisine is refreshingly down to earth – quite literally. The whole staff took a course on fermented vegetables years ago, and roots and peels remain prominent ingredients. While that may sound incongruous to most, these too-often-discounted elements are so expertly prepared, they lead as the star of the dish. The desserts are the perfect bookend to the meal: the black garlic foam with porter beer cream, tuber peels and chocolate crumble is a standout.

Ristorante Moma

Right across from the US Embassy, Ristorante Moma is named after New York City’s Museum of Modern Art and was conceived as a “gastronomic showcase” for artistic dishes and unusual combinations. Opened since 2002 and refreshingly consistent, Moma is perennial favorite of Rome’s business crowd who flock to its coffee bar at all hours of the day. Its “easy and refined cuisine” have earned it a Michelin-star. This is a great place to try Roman classics, like a perfect bowl of Amatriciana, along with more creative dishes like persimmon with blue cheese and walnuts, or grilled calamari with fresh strawberries and foie gras mousse.


The young staff, brimming with enthusiasm, passion and determination, make the difference at Zia, a little gem in the heart of Trastevere that serves whimsical dishes in an intimate setting. The cuisine here is sophisticated but unpretentious, and chef Antonio Ziantoni’s creativity shines through in dishes such as plin ravioli stuffed with blue cheese served in an onion and clove broth, or cabbage stewed in milk and chocolate. The whole dining experience is aesthetic and the desserts are true works of art. Order La Mela (The Apple) or La Nocciola (The Hazelnut) for innovative recreations of these ingredients.

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