Our Favorite Food Festivals In Italy This Fall


One of the wonderful things about Italian food is, ironically, the limitations of its seasonality. Just as you begin to mourn the loss of summer’s fragrant tomatoes and juicy lemons, October rolls around with an array of earthy treats for you to enjoy.

Italy’s autumn season is peppered by numerous harvest and food festivals (sagre), many of which celebrate one seasonal type of food. Visitors should note that most food festivals take place on weekends. Although, some can run for weeks (or months) at a time. The most famous sagra is the white truffle festival in Alba. However, there are many more to discover in northern Italy.

Here are our favorite Italian fall food festivals!

the International Alba White Truffle Fair

Festival del Tartufo: Truffle Festival

Piedmont is a culinary and enological paradise for food lovers. It is known for its world-class wines, rolling hills, sumptuous food, and traditional Italian culture. In recent years, the region’s Truffle Festival has attracted journalists, chefs, wine-makers, and gastronomes from all over the world. Every autumn, from October to December, the city of Alba comes alive as world-class chefs serve up dishes such as truffle-infused cheese fondue and gnocchi with truffles. Meanwhile, countless workshops educate visitors about how to serve truffle dishes in restaurants worldwide. No matter where you go in the town over these two months, the delightful earthy scent of truffles lingers.

The Alba Truffle Fair is being held this year from October 9th to December 5th, 2021. See the website for the full program of events.

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Sagra del Fungo Porcino: Porcini Mushroom Festival

A luxury in many parts of the world, funghi porcini grow wild in Lombardy’s mountains from September to December. Every restaurant in northern Italy prepares porcini mushrooms in unique and delicious ways during the autumn months. It is commonly paired with thick ribbons of pappardelle pasta, melted into a creamy risotto, or served atop polenta. Some of our favorite places in the region to try the mushrooms are Locanda dei Giurati on Lake Como, La Rava e la Fava in Milan, and Laghetto Fonteviva just north of Varese.

Each year in September, the town of Motta Visconti (located between Milan and Pavia) also hosts its Sagra del Fungo Porcino. Here you can enjoy cultural events and taste the region’s finest mushrooms, cheeses, wine, and meats.

Sagra della Mela: Apple Festival

The apples from the Valtellina region in Lombardy are said to have a crisp flavor from the fresh mountain air. This, in turn, makes the apple products produced there some of the most sought-after in Europe. The Sagra della Mela (Apple Festival) invites guests to try the various ciders and apple pies. Visitors also get to see numerous exhibitions by local artists, as well as concerts and live music events in the evenings.

The event is canceled this year due to covid but should be back in October 2022.

Festa del Torrone: Nougat Festival 

Locally known as the sweetest party of the year, the Festa del Torrone (Nougat Festival) is one of Lombardy’s largest and most culturally opulent events. The week-long festival takes place in Cremona each year, a small city easily reached by a direct train from Milan. In addition to nougat of every color and flavor, the week-long festival offers visitors unique tours around the medieval city. This includes a stroll through Stradivarius’s hometown and a visit to the exhibition of his violins.

The Festa del Torrone will be held this year from November 13 – 21, 2021.

Castagnata: Chestnut Festival

Another northern Italian autumnal specialty is castagne (chestnuts). These chewy nuts are delicious when they’re roasted, chopped up, and served in pasta and risotto. They are also very decadent when boiled, sweetened, baked, and turned into marrons glacé (candied chestnuts). Some of our favorite castagnata take place in October in the towns of Averara, Sondrio, and Fénis (a small town in the Val d’Aosta).

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Merano Wine Festival

We certainly couldn’t leave wine off of our list of autumnal fairs. The Merano Wine Festival is surely worth visiting. Located in Italy’s South Tyrol region, Merano is an elegant Alpine town that serves as the backdrop for one of the country’s best enological gatherings. Centered around the Kurhaus, an Art Nouveau landmark in town, it brings together dozens of Italy’s leading wine estates. The four-day festival also has a day dedicated to Champagne producers. During the festival, the Hotel Terme will host organic and biodynamic wineries. This year, cocktails and spirits will receive a special focus with 26 bartenders hosting three mixology sessions during the event.

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