The 50 Best Wine Bars In Rome (With Map)

Discover where to sip your next glass of vino in the Eternal City.

With enotecas located around every corner of the Eternal City, it can be hard to recognize the best wine bars in Rome. Although many attract a crowd, especially those in the centro storico, many others lie under the radar but are well worth checking out. After many evenings spent sipping my way through the city, I wanted to put together a wine map that covers all of my favorite wine bars in Rome.

The topic of wine bars in Rome is one I’m pretty passionate about: I’ve written about my favorite Roman enotecas for Fodor’s and Culture Trip but I have never had ample space to do justice to the Eternal City’s wonderful enological heritage and traditions. Top Ten Lists invariably exclude quaint little spots that lie outside the historical center, local spots that haven’t been discovered by thirsty tourists or new entries that have yet to establish themselves in the city – but these hidden gems often turn out to be the most rewarding places to cozy up for a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

From north to south, east to west, here are my favorite recommendations for every neighborhood in Rome. Cin cin!

I’ve selected these wine bars for their quality, wine list and overall atmosphere. While every restaurant in Rome seems to bill itself as bistro and wine bar, these 50 spots are serious enoteche that appeal to a proper enophile, someone like my father who always hopes to be surprised by a wine on the menu. They have an extensive list of wines by the glass — at least 10 different wines are available at any given time — including more niche and peculiar grape varieties. And these spots focus more on wine than food, meaning menu items are usually limited to small bites or meat & cheese plates.

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