Amalfi Coast Shopping Guide: Our Favorite Local Brands

From local ceramics and citrus scents, here’s how to bring the Amalfi Coast into your home.

Is there anything dreamier than a vacation along the Amalfi Coast? That’s a hard question to answer. From its vibrant villas to the illustrious Mediterranean blue water, it’s tough to resist even the thought of immediately buying a plane ticket and diving straight into la dolce vita. But if you find yourself on the other side of the world, you can still enjoy Amalfi Coast brands at home.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the beauty of Amalfi, Positano, and Ravello at home with our Amalfi Coast shopping guide. From ceramics and artisanal foods to local fashion, here are our favorite local brands you can shop online.

Italian Ceramics

Lemons, pasta, and flowers—oh my! You can capture the charm of the Amalfi Coast inside your home with just a few staple pieces. First things first, let’s start with la cucina. The kitchen is the heart of southern Italy and where we all dream of gathering with our friends and family over a delicious bowl of spaghetti al pomodoro.

To create the allure of dining on a panoramic terrace in Amalfi, start with your table settings. If you have space, why not purchase a lemon-adorned table for your garden or patio? Many ceramic artisans from the coast, like Ceramiche Casola, ship their custom tables worldwide.

If you aren’t ready to invest in a table, don’t worry—with just the right table settings and touches, you can brighten your dining area to mimic the Italian sunshine. Look for table linens that add the perfect pop of color, like these majolica-tile prints and citrus patterns by Cooking with Nonna. If you’re looking for something understated but effortlessly chic, opt for a luxurious eyelet linen tablecloth by Society Limonta.

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Nothing presents a plate of pasta better than a colorful dish, decorated with fruits, fish, and all the tokens of the Amalfi Coast. Many ceramic makers on the coast, like Ceramiche Casola and Bacheca Praiano, sell brilliant tableware from espresso cups to pasta bowls. For the perfect seaside touch, Vietri’s Campagna Collection brings the coast straight to you with dazzling settings inspired by traditional ceramics from Amalfi.

Feel like you still need a view? Our friend Nicole Storey (more popularly known as Nicki Positano on Instagram and YouTube) sells stunning Positano wall art. Simply download the digital art print and size it accordingly!


To set the mood at home, everything has to smell just right. From fresh citrus, white flowers, and a hint of sea air, the aromas of the Amalfi Coast all come together to remind you that you’re in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

Carthusia helps create this idyllic Mediterranean oasis right at home. This perfume company concocts fascinating fragrances that express the aromatic magic of the area. Their Fiori di Capri home fragrance can make any room smell as if it’s part of a boutique and cozy Italian hotel. Acqua di Parma also has an excellent citrus scent, Arancia di Capri, that is sure to transport you to the verdant hills of the coast.


To feel Sophia Loren-level fabulous, there are many ways to dress as if you’re living on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, every day. The best part about dressing up for a vacation in southern Italy is that comfort is key. The hot summer sun and gentle sea breeze mean your outfits should be light, airy, and just vivid enough to match the gorgeous scenery.

Antica Sartoria, a brand born in Positano, designs clothes so that you can dress for the Amalfi Coast anywhere – even if you’re just having a spritz on your couch. The boutique sells a wide array of clothes and accessories that channel the color and zest of the area. We’re talking bright lemon-centric patterns, beaded dresses, and simple linen shirts.


To put a cherry on top of the perfect outfit, you have to have the right shades. Positano-based brand Creo makes incredible custom-made eyewear in a true artisanal fashion. Their latest collaboration with Hotel Poseidon captures the timeless style of one of Positano’s best boutique hotels—after all, what could be cuter than sunglasses with the rich colors of Positano tiles?

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

When daydreaming about the Amalfi Coast, I’m sure you can’t help but imagine yourself eating something absolutely divine. Bringing the flavor of this beautiful coastline into your home means sourcing your pantry staples carefully.  Let’s start with olive oil!

Among the cascading cliff-sides, olive trees grow like crazy — and these olives are truly mystical fruits that add depth of flavor to every dish. Drizzle the Amalfi Coast into your dishes with Francisco Pepe’s mono-cultivar extra virgin olive oil or L’Arcangelo Crescimi, two stellar choices that will make any pasta or bruschetta shine.


Now, let’s talk pasta. From tagliolini al limone to ravioli capresi, the Amalfi Coast is home to many pasta shapes and legendary dishes. To recreate these dishes, be sure to stock your pantry with pasta from Gragnano. Located right at the start of the Amalfi Coast, this tiny hilltop town has been producing pasta for over 100 years! Gragnano’s bronze-extruded pasta has it all — shape, flavor, and consistency for the perfect al-dente bite. Pasta di Martino simplifies having the best Gragnano pasta at home. 

What pasta shapes should you order? Well, there are three in particular that are definitely Amalfi-approved. First, you have scialatielli, a short pasta that is unique to the area, and candele, a thick bucatino you can break into pieces for saucy pasta. I also love paccheri, a large tube-shaped pasta that will make any rigatoni lover happy.

Let’s be honest — you can’t have an Amalfi Coast-inspired pantry without tomatoes. Most importantly, you need San Marzano tomatoes. These tomatoes grow in the volcanic soils in the San Marzano area at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, lending a beautiful sweetness and acidity to the tomatoes that you can’t really find anywhere else. 

The thing is, most San Marzano tomatoes out there aren’t the real deal. You need to find those that are certified from the Agro-Sarnese Nocerino P.D.O area. These tomatoes will have two seals of certification—one from the P.D.O. and the other from Agro-Sarnese Nocerino. You can find authentic San Marzano tomatoes on Gustiamo, like these, from DaniCoop Gustarosso.


You cannot channel the Amalfi Coast at home without limoncello, and that’s a fact.

Limoncello is a zesty delicious lemon liqueur that you’ll find in every home and restaurant on the coast. Everyone and their nonna makes limoncello. It’s a symbol of hospitality and a celebratory finish to any delicious meal.

Before you purchase a bottle, why not try making it home as the locals do? It isn’t as difficult as you’d think—and much more delicious than anything store-bought. It only takes 3 ingredients and a bit of patience. I like this simple recipe by La Cucina Italiana that is sure to become a staple in your household. But if you’re looking to give the gift of limoncello, check out Don Ciccio & Figli.

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